A tree-sitter parser to support .4dm files in Atom.

To add syntax highlighting, add the following packages:


Getting started with Tree-sitter

Install homebrew. On Mac, Xcode command line tools are installed if missing.

Install Node.js.

Install Atom. Launch Atom, enter command+Shift+P, find Window: Install Shell Commands. This will create symbolic links to the CLI tool apm.

To deveop a parse, follow instrutions on Creating parsers.

  • Things to do once:
mkdir tree-sitter-${YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME}
cd tree-sitter-${YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME}
npm init
npm install --save nan
npm install --save-dev tree-sitter-cli
npm install node-gyp
node-gyp configure
node-gyp build
  • Things to do each time there is an update:
  1. commit git repository

  2. run the CLI:

tree-sitter generate
tree-sitter test
  1. run the CLI:
apm publish patch
npm publish

To update, run the CLI:

apm update